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The baroque style
The Stone of Lecce
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Decorative ornaments of stone

   Italian stone columns, Italian stone niches, stone over doors, Pedestals
Across the globe, buildings are part of our everyday existence. Seldom do we think about where these buildings and towns come from, the significance of the location, why they possess a particular style, and most importantly, how they impact our lives today.
In a certain way, our buildings and towns express our values and aspirations, and provide one of the primary means by which we visualize ourselves and our society.
Baroque architecture was theatrical, extravagant, seeking to flaut wealth and astonish the viewer. Where Renaissance design had appeald to the intellect, the Baroque worked on the emotions. 
The Baroque style in architecture emerged as a revolt against the rigid conventions of Italian Reinaissance classicism. Instead of the straight lines of classicism, curved and broken lines appeared. 

Decorations became more important and elaborate, and spaces became more complex, their impact highlighted by the dramatic use of light and shade.  
You can create Baroque opulence with a few well-chosen pieces and the right decorative objects.
We carve and realize for you:
Balustrades, Brackets, Capitals, Caryatids, Columns, Niches, Over doors, Pedestals, Pilasters.
(In all forms and sizes carved from the local natural stone of Lecce)





























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