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The solemn glamour of our products surely depends on the fact that each sculpture is an original. Noble stone, finely worked. Each statue is unique, marked with the personal style of the craftman.
No anonymous chalk copies or even synhtetic imitations. All collaborators of our workshop are able to comply with the client's requests and to develop new ideas in conformity with the individual order.
Every idea you sketch out on a sheet, as well as its simple description, represents for us a continuous challenge. It is obvious for us accepting and realizing the content of your thoughts.

original stone statue

Italian hand sculpture
Shouldn't the uncountable models contained in this collection be sufficient to fulfil your ideas, we would be very pleased to create something completely new, entirely original, starting from your sketches - all this according to our craft tradition.
The Lecce Stone is a calcareous rock, that can be used in architecture and gardening. There are two main types of stone colou: The Light Yellow Stone, which is almost golden at the origin, but if the piece is placed outside, a natural process of stone ageing takes place which gives it a marvellous antique looking colour, and the Dark Gray Stone, which is harder, darker and more difficoult to carve.













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